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WISCO Survey - Survey Chart Preferences

Complete descriptions of over 80 chart options (Introduction, Background, Headings, Legend, Graph, Chart Data, and Chart Table) have been consolidated in the Survey Charts chapter of this manual. Your preferences are saved in the project folder with the survey questions. The chart template filename is wsurvey.cht. If you do not save a chart template in the project folder, the WISCO Survey default chart preferences are used.

chart toolbar with tabs

The survey data determines the types of charts that can be created for each survey question. If the chart data is from a single series of data points, area, column, horizontal bar, line, pie, point charts, and data table can be displayed. Fourteen different chart types, and data table can be displayed if the chart data is from a multiple series. Sample data is used display charts when the Single Data, Multiple Data, Cross-Tab Data, and Semantic Differential Data buttons are clicked.

When applicable, the default chart preferences (legend position, background colors, etc.) are used when thematic maps are displayed.

simple chart examples

Reset Defaults

Clicking the Reset Defaults button will reread the default chart settings, then redisplay the data for the current chart.