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Evaluation Versions

Right-click, and choose Save Target As.. to save either installation file to your hard drive.

WISCO Survey Power - EXE File Format

[Download SURPWR.EXE] 6.66 MB file

WISCO Survey Power - ZIP File Format

[Download SURPWR.ZIP] 6.63 MB file

PDF Manual

The WISCO Survey Power software 138 page manual is available in PDF format. PDF files can be viewed with the (free) Adobe Acrobat Viewer. Right-click, and choose Save Target As.. to save the PDF file to your hard drive.

[Download WSURVEY.PDF] 1.00 MB file

System Requirements

  • Windows XP®, Windows Vista®, or Windows 7®
  • About 11 MB of hard drive space is needed for the basic program and help files. Additional drive space will be needed for your survey questions and response data files.
  • Minimum Memory - 768 MB RAM - Additional memory results in better performance
  • Internet Connection - to upload your surveys to your web site, and receive email survey responses
  • Outlook or Outlook Express - to collect survey responses

Web Host Requirements

  • Both Both Unix and Windows servers are supported.
  • Your web host must allow the use of HTML web forms and CGI scripts on your web site. The CGI script converts the survey responses on the HTML web form to an email message.
  • A mailing program located on the web server, and usually provided by the web host.

Most people download the EXE file.

All WISCO Computing downloadable EXE and ZIP files contain the same files (program, help, readme.txt, temporary license, etc.). The only difference is that the ZIP file contains one additional XML file which is used by other web sites to provide a text description of the software written by the software publisher that can be used on their web pages.

Easy Installation

The WISCO Survey Power program is only available for download from the Internet. Save the download file to your hard drive. Then click the Start button, Run, and Browse to the location where you saved the file. Highlight the filename, and click Open. The complete path and filename of the installation file will be displayed in the Run edit Box. Click OK to install WISCO Survey Power.

Running WISCO Survey Power the First Time

Click on Start, Programs, and Find Survey Power in your list of programs. Depending on your Windows settings, It could be at the bottom of your list, or in alphabetical order. Click on WISCO Survey Power.

Free Evaluation Try-Before-You-Buy

After you install WISCO Survey Power, you have 30 days to evaluate the program. During this trial, a reminder screen will be displayed when Survey Power is started, giving you an opportunity to purchase a license for Survey Power. You can continue to use Survey Power for up to 30 days after the initial installation. If you decide not to purchase WISCO Survey Power, you will not be able to use it after the 30 day trial.

License Terms

You must purchase a license to receive an unlock key code. The unlock key code removes the reminder screen and removes the 30 day limitation. The 1-computer license that is purchased is only valid for one computer. If you want to use the software on more than one computer, you will have to purchase additional licenses. Multi-user license pricing is at  /pricing.htm

Getting Your UnLock Key Code

A license for WISCO Survey Power can be purchased by going on the Internet to /surveyel.htm After selecting your license, you will be taken to a secure web site to fill in your e-mail address and credit card information. After your order is processed, a valid unlock key code will be emailed to you in 1 to 2 days. When you receive the unlock key code(s) via email, you should always print out a copy of this email. ALWAYS. You should also keep a backup copy of the original installation file on a backup diskette, zip disk, or burned to a CD-ROM.

WISCO Survey Power Version 7 works with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7

Page last updated: January 8, 2012