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WISCO Survey - Survey User Codes

Settings on this page are used for the complete survey.

User Codes:

User Codes can only be included if the Use Extra Fields in the New Database on the settings Menu - Interface Settings is checked. If they are not present, they could also be added on the Utility Menu - Advanced Utilities screen. This allows six extra fields in the data file. User code text is used for processing responses and used on many reports and charts.

Three data fields are used for User Name, User Email, and User IP Address. The other 3 data fields can be customized for question selection, report headings, chart labels, export field labels, and web survey information. These 3 user code fields can be analyzed the same ways survey questions are analyzed. User code data can be optionally hidden from the web survey respondent. User codes responses can be analyzed, and be optionally included or exclude from reports.

Text entered in the Topic: edit box is utilized the same way as Question Topic phrases. Topics phrases are used for survey question selection (all reports, data export and import) and chart axis labels. User code topics default to User Code1, User Code2, and User Code3. The default lengths of these user code fields can be modified on this screen, or on the Utility Menu - Advanced Features Menu after responses are entered.

Text entered in the User Code: edit box remains hidden on a web survey if the Description: edit box is left empty. When a survey is submitted, the user codes are included with the question responses. If the Description: edit box contains text, the survey includes the description text, and an edit box for the respondent to enter the user code. A checkbox on the Web Survey - Selection tab determines if the description Text and edit box is placed before the first survey question of after the last question.

For example, A user code may receive responses like German, French, Spanish, and English. The description text could be "Enter the language you speak most fluently.

Ballot Stuffing

'Ballot stuffing' is an attempt to influence final results when the same or nearly same set of responses are submitted. How can you prevent 'ballot stuffing' when a survey is filled out? How can you be sure respondents are legitimate? Each survey respondent can be given a unique access code that could be used as one of the survey questions. A different access code could be used for each invited respondent. A password could be used to limit those that could access the survey. Then the IP addresses can be checked, and the duplicates can be deleted.

When a web survey is submitted, the user's IP address is also included with the emailed survey responses. Survey responses are dragged and dropped from either Outlook or Outlook Express to the survey database. Use Design - Review Database. Click any cell in the column labeled User IP, then click the Response Summary tab. Response totals for User IP are sorted and displayed. A quick summary of other responses can also be displayed.

If you email people, asking them to take your survey, a password or user code can be included with the email. When they submit their responses, the respondents must include that password or user code with their responses. If someone stumbles upon your web page, takes your survey, but does not know the password or user code, you can delete that set of responses (Design - Review Database) or use (Analysis - Multi-Filtered Analysis) an analysis that requires the user code response entered by the respondents to match your supplied user code.

If you have FTP access to your web site, you could create a .htaccess file the requires a user name and password to access the part of your web site with the survey. Creating a .htaccess password protected folder on your web site is not that difficult (Google .htaccess). For your convenience, your invited visitors could use the same user name and password to access the survey. If your web site visitor does not know the user name and password, they would not be able to view or submit your survey.