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WISCO Survey - Program Preferences

Keep Blank Date for Database Review

This preference refers to the Review Database menu, If checked and the date was blank, then the date will stay blank for that record when the data base record is saved. If unchecked, either the current date or the base date will be entered into the data base.

Use Current Date

When recording dates in date entry questions, the current date or the base date can be used as the starting date to save time. If checked, the current date will be used. If unchecked, the displayed base date will be used. If checked, when manually recording dates, you could have the date preset to a default date which is different than the current date.

Base Year

The Base Year is the earliest Year for Month-Year Reports. This will be the first year searched for reports and charts. Your reports and charts may contain dates for many years. If you wanted to limit the dates to the last 3 years, then set the base date year spinner to 3 years ago. Then only dates from the last three years would be used when calculating totals for reports and charts. Setting the base year can be used as a filter to remove earlier dates.

Calculations - Decimal Places

The number of decimal places used by Statistics, Rating, Averages, and Percentages are set with these spinners.

Include Percent Symbol with Percentages

If checked, the percent symbol is included with the percentage values. Many reports include calculations for row and column percentages totals. The Average Rating Scale Percentage for Rating Scale question types (4,5,6, and 19) always includes the percentage symbol, ignoring this setting. The Importance Percentage for Rank Order question types (7 and 20) always includes the percentage symbol, ignoring this setting.

Display Rank Importance as Percentages

If checked the Rank Importance is displayed as a percentage, including the percentage symbol (rank points out of possible rank points). If unchecked, the Importance Ranking points are displayed on the reports and charts. The method use to calculate Importance Ranking values is explained in the Question Types chapter.

Project Folder

The project folder that is saved here will be used when open and save file dialogs are displayed. Survey questions (the SVP file) and the recorded responses (the DBF file) are kept in the project folder. The new project folder can be created with this selection.

The 1-computer license requires the question and data files to be in the same folder. The multi-computer license allows data to be entered on additional computers. The Utility Menu - Merge Data Files- menu option can merge the data from the additional computers for a final analysis.

Thematic Maps

Thematic Maps are designed to show geographic distribution of data. WISCO Survey supports three thematic maps: the United States (states), Canada (provinces), and Europe (countries). Select the most appropriate map for your data. When a thematic question is added to the list of survey questions, the alphabetical ordered set of states, provinces, or countries is automatically added for question choices by entering the term 'Auto' for the first text choice. The question text choice order matches the map area order, so the areas are color-coded correctly. Some complimentary bonus maps may be included with WISCO Survey.