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WISCO Survey - Review Survey Database

This menu selection can be used to review and revise what a specific respondent has answered to a specific question. A grid will be displayed showing the responses to each survey question. The question numbers are displayed as column headings. The respondent number is displayed in the first column of each row. Each row of data is called a record. The row contains the responses to all survey questions.

The survey question can be selected by clicking a cell in the grid. The question text, and question type will be displayed at the top of the screen. Use the scroll bar to move to different questions and to different respondents.


To Search the data base for a matching response, click a cell in the question column, and enter the search text in the edit box. Then Click the search button. If the matching information is found, the database will be scrolled to the matching record. All records in the selected column below the selected row will be searched for the matching text. The search text is only active during the current session (It is not saved with other preferences.)


Select the Revise/Review data tab to review the previously entered responses.

Normally, you would not change answers from the respondents. However, the respondent might have changed their mind, or the answers were entered incorrectly.

Responses can also be entered in the Quick Entry edit box. The question responses can be quickly entered using only the keyboard. Pressing the enter key with an empty edit box returns to the displayed grid.

If Keep Blank Date was checked on the Preferences menu, but you want to revise the date, enter the eight digit date in the Quick Entry edit box. The Keep Blank Date preference will be ignored for that record only.

Enter the letter B in the Quick Entry edit box to blank the date in the database. The date will still be displayed, but when returning to the grid, the date will be blank. The Keep Blank Date preference must be checked to use this option.

Make your correction to the responses on the panel, then click the Save button. The Save button saves the changes to the data file.

Check For Duplicates

Pressing the Check Dups button will check complete records for duplicate sets of responses. For example, you may have entered the survey responses to a survey twice. Obviously your results would be wrong. The extra fields from an email survey can be included in the check by setting the option on the Program Preferences screen. For example, if someone was submitting extra sets of survey responses to influence survey results. Checking this option can help find the duplicate IP addresses.


Pressing the Delete button will remove all responses for one survey (one row of data). If you had previously performed an analysis, a new analysis must be done to display the correct results because the data was changed.

Clicking the Help button will display this help file information.

Clicking the OK button will leave the analysis screen, returning to the opening program screen.