Create, Collect, and Analyze Surveys and Web Forms

Survey Software from WISCO Computing
Create Surveys and Analyze Survey Data

WISCO Survey Power is used for customer satisfaction surveys, employee satisfaction surveys, and market research surveys. WISCO Survey Professional includes web survey creation, charting, data export, data import, and email survey data entry.

Cost Effective

If you have your own web site, and your web host allows you to have surveys on your web site, why would you pay someone else to host your surveys? Purchasing WISCO Survey is a one time cost (single user license $149), not a monthly recurring cost. You can have as many surveys as you want at the same time hosted on your web site. Email links to the survey have your domain name in your link. The survey responses are emailed to you immediately, not subject to monthly hostage fees to keep your survey data 'active'.

Some web survey sites charge a monthly rate plus $0.05 for every survey response you get. Other sites with lower monthly fees bombard your survey takers with their banner ads. When you send an email to your survey takers, their domain name is in the link. If you neglect to pay your monthly recurring cost, your survey data is gone. When the survey taker completes the survey, they are directed to the web host's thank you page, not your thank you page.

Variety of Survey Response Input Methods

WISCO Survey email responses are easily added to the survey database by dragging and dropping the emails using the Windows mouse. Responses from telephone interviews and printed surveys can be added to the WISCO Survey response database by following the screens of the Record Responses menu selection.

If you have a web only survey plan, are you planning to ignore any survey taker without Internet access? And if you need to include responses from printed surveys and telephone interviews, how do you plan to enter the responses from your survey takers that don't have Internet access? Are you planning to enter their responses on the other web site, possibly paying extra to include these responses, or save money and enter their responses directly in the Excel file you downloaded?

Your Survey Data Privacy and Security

WISCO Survey does not keep survey results on a web server. WISCO Survey creates the complete HTML code and scripts. These files are placed on your web site with an integrated FTP program. When the person completing your web survey clicks the submit button, the survey responses are emailed to you. These emails are added to the survey database files on your personal computer. This process protects the privacy and security of the survey responses. Your survey responses are not stored on the Internet web server. You control the access to your survey data and emails on your computer.

Customizable Survey Charts

Charts from the web based survey software are limited to single questions. The downloaded data can be read by a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel. Then you have to program Microsoft Excel to create the appropriate chart for different question types. WISCO Survey creates 14 different chart types and a data table if the chart data is from a multiple series, and area, column, horizontal bar, line, pie, point charts, and data tables from single series chart data. And a special chart for semantic differential chart data. WISCO Survey lets you change chart types by clicking a button.

How long will it take you to create cross-tab pivot charts that show relationships between the responses to two different questions? With WISCO Survey, click the mouse to choose the two questions, click the Create button, and click the chart tab to view a finished chart. You're done. Change chart types by clicking another button. Good luck creating different charts with your data in the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Simply put, survey analysis software like WISCO Survey will save you time. You will be able to create charts with WISCO Survey that are just too labor-intensive to create with Microsoft Excel.

Reports and Web Forms

You have complete access to customize the HTML code used to create the web survey pages, and the finished HTML reports. You can customize the appearance, or accept the HTML code created automatically by WISCO Survey. WISCO Survey also creates customized reports which can be saved as PDF and RTF files. RTF files, which can be used by most word processors, including Microsoft Word and Word Perfect, can be modified immediately using complete word processing options not available with current web-based text editors.

You can analyze survey responses and create reports without Internet access by keeping the survey files on your personal computer.

WISCO Survey Power Version 7 works with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7