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WISCO Survey - Copy Survey Files

project folder filenames

The WISCO Survey questions and database files, and survey chart settings can be copied to a new project folder to start a new survey or create a backup of your files. The active (currently loaded) project folder, survey question and database files are displayed at the top of the screen.

copy survey data files

The active (currently loaded) survey question and database files will be the source(s) for the copying of the files to a new destination folder. You would choose the new Destination Question/Database Folder. If the check boxes are marked, the active survey question file and chart preferences are also copied to the new destination folder.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Select the Destination Folder by clicking the yellow folder icon.
  2. If desired enter a '\' and a subfolder name. The subfolder will be created.
  3. If desired, mark check box to copy Question SVP file to new folder.
  4. If desired, mark check box to copy Chart preferences to new folder.
  5. Click Copy button.
  6. You are done.