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WISCO Survey - Foreign Language Support

When a survey is created for a foreign language, phrases are substituted for the English phrases (web page navigation, name and email address, required responses, none of the above, error messages, submit and reset buttons). These phrases have also been translated to the foreigh language by a native speaker.

When a foreign language is selected, common report phrases used for calendar dates, column headings, and calculations have also been translated to the foreign language by a native speaker.

Adding an Additional Foreign Language Spell Checker

Additional spell checkers are available to our registered users for use with WISCO Survey Power. The following spell checkers are currently available: Australian, British, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Medical, and Legal. Registered users can contact us to receive information for the free downloading the additional spell checkers.

Spell Check ButtonWhen you click the Spell Check button, the Spell Check Dialog is displayed.

Spelling DefaultLet's assume you were checking a list of Spanish survey questions and choices. Clicking the Options button displays a list of available spell checkers.

Spelling Options The American English dictionary is checked by default. Other dictionaries must be installed in the same folder. It was installed with the registered version. Mark the check box next to the other spell checker you want to use. If you do not want to use the American spell checker, you can uncheck the corresponding box. For example if you were using a British or Australian spell checker, you would not want the word 'colour' and 'color' to both be automatically approved. You would uncheck the American spell checker so 'color' would not be automatically approved. You would also want to remove the check from the American English spell checker if your survey was completely Spanish.

Spelling includes SpanishIf both check boxes are marked, the spell checker will display possible words in both Spanish and English. If the Spanish check box was the only one marked, only Spanish words would be listed as possibilities.