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survey column headings

Column Headings

This spinner and insert button can be used to quickly insert rating scale labels in to the column heading edit boxes. The numeric spinner can be set to the scale number displayed on the right. Clicking the Insert button copies the labels from the right to the column heading edit boxes. Setting the numeric spinner to 0, and clicking the insert button quickly clears all the edit boxes. Of course, you can also enter your own text in each of the edit boxes.

survey rating scales

Column Rating Scale

Most rating scales use five text descriptions. These text descriptions become the column labels. The text choices allow multiple items to be rated. If your rating scale uses more than five descriptions, you can use the single scale question type for each item.

Foreign Language Scales

The five most common rating scales have been preset. These 5 rating scales have also been translated to Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish. The Rating Scale language was selected on the Design Menu - Preferences selection - Interface Settings Tab.

User Defined Scales

Text for User-Defined Scales 6, 7, and 8 are entered on the Design Menu - Preferences Selection - User Designed Scales. These scales are saved with the program files so they will be available for all surveys. When you save your question file, the rating scale text is saved with the survey question. You can also enter other rating scales in the column edit boxes.

Additional rating scale information is included in the Numeric Rating Scale section of the manual.