Create, Collect, and Analyze Surveys and Web Forms

Survey Software from WISCO Computing
WISCO Survey - User Guide - Table of Contents
GETTING STARTED    Analyze Surveys    Advanced Utilities
    Introduction    Question AnalysisHELP MENU
    Installation    Filtered Analysis    Help Menu Selections
    New Survey    Text Responses    Introduction
    ReOpen Survey    Cross Tabulation    Single Response
    Save Survey Questions    Numeric Statistics    Multiple Response
    Print Survey    Cross-Tab Banners    Numeric Rating Scale
    Other Selections    Chart Analysis    Numeric Rank
DESIGN MENU    Thematic Maps    Numeric Entry
    Edit QuestionsINTERNET MENU    Text Entry and Memo
    Options and Values    Web Survey Creation    Calendar Dates
    Rating Scales    Web Server Information    Multiple Column Matrix
    Titles and Instructions    Javascript Validation    Semantic Differential
    User Codes    FTP Upload    Thematic Map
    Record Responses    Add Email Responses    Text Group
    Default ResponseUTILITY MENU    Name and Address
    Quick Entry Details    Copy Survey Files    Multiple Single Choice
    Review Database    Merge Survey Files    10 Column Array
    Question Summaries    Create Sample DataSURVEY CHARTS
    Report Templates    Recreate Email Survey    Chart Introduction
    Chart Preferences    Convert Excel to CSV    Chart Background
    Interface Preferences    Import CSV Data    Chart Captions
    Program Preferences    Convert Survey Monkey    Chart Legend
    Report Preferences    Convert Zoomerang    Chart Graph
    Save All Preferences    Export Filtered Records    Chart Data
ANALYSIS MENU    Export CSV Data    Chart Table