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WISCO Survey - Text Responses and Analysis

The following question types that use text responses will be included in these reports.

  •   3. Multiple Choice / Other (Other text part)
  • 11. Text Entry
  • 15. Multiple Choice / Other (Other text part)
  • 16. Single Select
  • 18. Single Choice / Other (Other text part)
  • 24. Memo
  • 25. Thematic Map
  • 26. Text Group
  • 28. Name Address (All 10 parts)
  • All 6 Extra Data Fields

survey text filters

Reports can include the all text responses from the selected question, or can be filtered to require matching text from the selected question, or require a filtered response from a different question.

All text responses from the selected question will be placed in the reports if the first radio button is selected.

If the second radio button is selected, the text response in the selected question is searched for matching text. If a match occurs, then the response is included in the reports.

If the third radio button is selected, the filtered response from a second question determines if the text response from the selected question is included in the reports. All question types that allow filtering are included in this question list. The Not check box reverses the matching result.

Automatic Calculation

If checked, and the question number and positions are valid, the analysis is automatically performed when the survey analysis selection is chosen from the main menu.

Use HTML Background Color

If checked, the color selected on the Preferences Menu will be used. If unchecked the HTML background will be white.

Use Alternate Row Shading

If checked, the HTML headings are shaded gray, and alternate rows of data are shaded with light yellow and white on a light yellow background. If this is unchecked the HTML pages are displayed with a white background, and no shading. The reports will also include a 10% gray shading if checked.

Include All Report & HTML Grid Lines

Horizontal and vertical lines can be included on the reports, to make it easier to view text choices and columns of data. If checked the main lines are included in the display and printed reports. See Show All Grid Lines to reveal hidden lines used to change column widths.

Include Blank Line Between Text Responses

If checked, and extra blank line is inserted between each of the responses.

Place Related Text on Right Side Columns

If the check box is not marked, the related text is displayed in the left most column. If the check box is marked, the related columns are placed to the right of the main selection text response.

Related Text Columns

related text columns

Reports can include responses from one or two other questions. The related columns are selected from the related question column listings. A selection must be made from the first listing before a selection can be made from the second listing. Information from these related columns are placed in columns adjacent (left or right side) to the selected question response.