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WISCO Survey - Survey Question Analysis

Options common to all analysis menu selections are explained in the Analysis Selection part of this chapter. Settings unique to All Questions and One Question Selection are described on this page. Both reports are created when the Create button is clicked. If Automatic Calculation is checked, it is not necessary to click the Create button to complete the calculation. If the word 'REMOVE' is entered for the keyword phrase, the analysis of that question will not be included on any report from any of the analysis menu selections. This can be useful to remove personal information from final reports.

All Question Analysis

The All Question Analysis calculates complete totals of all responses to most questions (not memo field). The question type determines how the question totals will be calculated. For example, a Type A question type (single choice) would total the number of responses to each letter choice. A numerical question type, would add the numbers entered by the respondent.

Single Question Analysis

Any question type (except the Memo field) can be analyzed and displayed with this selection. Select the Single Question Radio button. The short descriptions after the question numbers are Topic Phrases. Topic phrases for questions are entered on the Design Menu - Edit Questions - Option/Values tab. Select the question to analyze. If the check box for automatic calculation is marked, the calculation will occur when a question is selected. If the check box is not marked, click the Create button to perform the calculation.

View Analysis

The reports can be edited, and can be copied to the Windows clipboard, saved as an RTF file, PDF file, or printed out. RTF files can be read by most word processors, including Microsoft Word. Text can be highlighted, and the default fonts can be changed. You can determine where to start new pages in these reports by positioning the cursor after the last table row, and pressing Control-Enter.

Changing Column Widths

If the report columns are too narrow (or too wide) to display your survey data properly, the column widths can be changed. Place your cursor to the side of the column you wish to resize, then slowly move it until the cursor changes to a sizing arrow. Click the mouse button and hold it down. Still holding the mouse button down, drag the cursor to the left or the right to increase or decrease the width of the column. To permanently change the column widths, select the Questions button to display the Question Summary screen. Select the third tab - Report Template. Changing and saving the survey question column widths will create a report template that will be used every time you create your report.

HTML Viewer

A single HTML page with all tables is created when the create button is clicked. You determined the colors and fonts on the Design Menu - Preferences selections. The HTML file can be saved and printed using the buttons on the tool bar. Check boxes on the Selection tab can remove the background color, alternate row shading, and the table grid lines.