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WISCO Survey - Keyword Phrase Survey Analysis

The keyword phrase match analysis provides totals for a selected group of related questions. For example, a complete survey may ask questions about different committees in an organization. By using keywords, only those questions related to a specified committee would be displayed and included in the reports.

Options common to all analysis menu selections are explained in the Analysis Selection part of the help file. Settings unique to keyword analysis reports are described here. The HTML and regular reports are created when the Create button is clicked. If Automatic Calculation is checked, it is not necessary to click the Create button to complete the calculation.

Keyword phrases are entered with the survey questions and choices with the Design Menu - Edit Questions selection, Options/Values tab - first column. The keyword phrase displayed next to the question number. All questions with the matching keyword phrase would be included in the reports. If a keyword phrase was not entered with the survey question, NO KEYWORD is displayed next to the question number, and the question would not be included in these reports.

Selecting one question with the keyword phrase selects all questions with the matching keyword. Keyword Phrase Matching provides another way to separate out survey responses for analysis. The included questions will show the total counts for each response. Entering the keyword "Remove" (without the quotes) would cause the question and response summaries to not be included on any other report.

In the following question summary, the survey author wanted to examine 7 different areas to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the organization. The survey included 5 questions from each of the 7areas. For example, questions 4, 11, 18, 25, and 32 all used the keyword 'Relationships'. A report that used the keyword 'Relationships' would only include those 5 questions.

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