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WISCO Survey - Calendar Date Questions

The base year is the earliest year for Month-Year Reports from the Design Menu - Preferences - Program Settings tab screen. The base year will be the first year searched for reports and charts. Your reports and charts may contain dates for many years. If you wanted to limit the dates to the last 3 years, then the base date year should be set to 3 years ago. Then only dates from the last three years would be used when calculating totals for reports and charts. Setting the base year can be used as a filter to remove earlier dates.

Create Survey Question

  1. Enter survey question text.
  2. Choose question type 12 Calendar Date.
  3. Click the Options/Values tab.
  4. With the spinner, set the Maximum Year that can be entered. The maximum year can be set to help eliminate bad data being entered. The Base Year was set from the Design Menu - Preferences selection.
  5. Enter Question Topic.

Collect Survey Responses

Filtered Analysis

Examples of 5 different date filters to be entered in the edit box are listed below. Dates are stored in the database in YYYYMMDD format, so the search for matches must be in the same physical order.

C = Calendar Month200810Year 2008 and Month 10 (October 2008)
D = Day33rd day of any month
F = Full Date20081225December 25, 2008
M = Month11November any year
Y = Year19981998

Text is entered in the edit box. The first character must be the letter C, D, F, M, or Y. The second character is usually the mathematical symbol <, =, or >. If a mathematics symbol is not used, equal is assumed. The rest of the text is numbers indicating the date value to test for the filtered choice. The year must always have 4 digits. Days and months can be 1 or 2 digits. WISCO Survey Power will add the leading 0 to the entry for the search if necessary. The mathematics symbols <, =, and > are all valid. Some more examples:

F>20081225Date greater than December 25, 2008
Y<2000Year is less than 2000
M6if the month is June
M5-7Months May to July, any year
C=200708August 2007
Y2005-2008Years 2005 to 2008 (range)