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Survey Software from WISCO Computing
WISCO Survey - Name and Address Survey Questions

The Name/Address Information question type includes 9 text entry fields with an optional extra info field. The Extra info field can have up to 40 characters. If the question is marked to require a response, three fields (Business Name, Address2, and Extra Info) can not be required.

Create Survey Question

  1. Enter survey question text.
  2. Choose question type 28 Name/Address.
  3. Enter a period for the first text choice.
  4. Click either the Add or Save button. The text choices are automatically filled in.
  5. Reselect the question from the question listing.
  6. Yhe text choices can be revised as needed. For example, the text next to the letter J is Extra Info. That text choice could be changed to Email Address.. This extra text field allows a response of up to 40 characters.
  7. Click the Options/Values tab.
  8. The last field (Extra Info) is optional. The Name/Address check box must be checked to be displayed on the web form and included in any analysis..
  9. Enter Question Topic.

Collect Survey Responses

Analyze Survey Responses

The last 4 text fields (State/Province, Zip/Postal Code, Country, and Extra Info) are available for frequency analysis.

Filtered Analysis

A Filtered analysis of a text entry question requires text to be entered in the edit box. If the text in the edit box matches any portion of the response text, it is considered a match. The program converts the text in the edit box to upper case for comparisons. If DOG is entered in the edit box, it will match all forms of the word (Dog, dog, DOG, etc).