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WISCO Survey - Thematic Map Questions

Thematic Maps show the geographic distribution of survey data, displayed as color-coded areas on a map. Thematic Map questions accept only one response from a predetermined group of geographical choices.

Thematic map questions automatically add the text choices and related chart choices when the add button is clicked. Your preferences menu setting determines which map and set of text choices will be automatically added. If the United States was selected, the 50 states and the District of Columbia will be added. If Canada was pre-selected, the Canadian provinces and territories will be added. If Europe was pre-selected, the 38 European countries will be added. Enter the term AUTO for the first text choice to automatically fill all text choices. Leave all other choices blank. Some complimentary bonus maps may be included with WISCO Survey. For example, if a state map is selected, entering the term AUTO for the first text choice would automatically fill in an alphabetical list of counties for that state.

Create Survey Question

  1. Enter survey question text.
  2. Choose question type 25 Thematic Map.
  3. Enter Auto for the first text choice. Leave the rest of the choices blank.
  4. Click the Add or Save button. The text choices will be automatically filled in. Your preference menu setting determines which set of text choices will be filled in.
  5. Reselect the question from the question listing.
  6. Click the Options/Values tab.
  7. Enter Question Topic.

choose thematic

thematic choices

Collect Survey Responses

The web survey uses a pull-down menu selection.

thematic map collect

Analyze Survey Responses

Numeric results are displayed on reports the same way that a (question type 16) single select question is displayed. In additions, maps of the United States, Canada, and Europe are used to show the geographical distribution of the survey data. Other maps may also be available.