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WISCO Survey - Text Group Survey Questions

Up to 5 text responses can be entered for this question type. Each text response allows up to 30 characters. The number of edit boxes is controlled by the number of text choices entered on the Design Menu - Edit Questions. The first example allows 3 entries (of the possible 5). For the second example, the word Organization was repeated for each of the five text choices. When an analysis is performed, the responses are sorted to determine the most common responses to all text entries for the question.

Create Survey Question

  1. Enter survey question text.
  2. Choose question type 26 Text Group.
  3. Enter up to 5 text choices that will be used for the labels.
  4. Click the Options/Values tab.
  5. Enter Question Topic.

Collect Survey Responses

Filtered Analysis

A Filtered analysis of a text entry question requires text to be entered in the edit box. If the text in the edit box matches any portion of the response text, it is considered a match. The program converts the text in the edit box to upper case for comparisons. If DOG is entered in the edit box, it will match all forms of the word (Dog, dog, DOG, etc).