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WISCO Survey - Advanced Utilities and Options

This menu selection allows the survey response database (DBF file) to be changed after responses have been entered.

Change Text Response Length

Text response lengths can vary from 1 character up to 240 characters. Shorter lengths allow for faster searching, and longer lengths allow for more information. Choose a Text Response Question (Open text, Multiple Choice/Other, or one of the Email or User Code fields. The current length is displayed. Change the spinner to the new length. Then click the Modify DBF button.

Add Email Fields to DBF Response File.

Earlier versions of WISCO Survey did not support extra DBF fields for additional survey information. The extra fields added are User Name, email address, IP address, and User Information. Additional filtered and frequency analyses can be performed on these extra text fields.

Deleting DBF Response File

Clicking the Delete Response DBF File button will send the response files (DBT and DBF) to the Recycle bin. For example, if sample data was entered in the survey, you would want to delete that data before beginning to record actual surveys. This does not delete the survey question file (SVP).

Change Question Type

The survey question types determine the amount of space reserved in the response database. Version 4 of WISCO Survey Power had limits of 9 choices for some questions. Version 5 added 3 question types that allowed questions to have 25 choices. Multiple Choice, Multiple Scale, and Multiple Rank questions have both small (9) and huge (25) options. The 3 question types can be changed to their huge options. Survey response files may need to be converted so response files can be merged, etc.

Open Text questions have always had a limit of 240 characters. Version 6 introduced memo fields, which do not have a length limit. Open text questions can be converted to the Memo field question type with this selection. One limitation of the memo text entry is that the memo text can not be included in some analyses.Since the memo fields are saved in a separate DBT file, only 10 characters are needed in the response database to reference the actual text position in the DBT file.

The question number must match the question type selected by the radio button. Then click Change question to convert the question and response file to the new formats.

Advanced Options

Some WISCO Survey options are not used very often. Other options are only used for diagnostic purposes. Some options are used by customers who have paid for additional custom programming to add features to the WISCO Survey program to meet their specialized needs. Some option codes will remain confidential.

Changes are made to the survey question file and response files. Some changes can not be reversed, so you should back up your original files to a different folder before performing any advanced option.

Example Options:

  • ATOB : Changes a Single Choice question type to a Multiple Choice question type.
  • ATOD : Changes a Single Choice question type to a Single Scale question type.
  • COLORS : Background colors used for the HTML reports and Web pages are reset to their default colors.
  • HTOF : Changes a 3 Column Matrix question type to a 5 Column Matrix question type.
  • MAKENUM: Changes a Text Entry question type to a Numeric Entry question type
  • PTOY : Change Single Select-Huge question type to Thematic Map question type
  • QTOA : Changes a Numeric Entry question type to a Single Choice question type
  • RTOO : Changes a Single Choice/Other question type to a Multiple Choice/Other question type
  • YTOP : Changes a Thematic Map question type to a Single Select-Huge question Type
  • ZIP0 : Adds leading 0 to a 4 digit Zip Code (Excel import drops leading zero of 5 digit zip codes)
  • ZIPCODE : Changes Numeric Entry to a Text Entry

Enter the code in the edit box, then click the Perform Option button. If you did not hear a single beep, the option was performed successfully. The code will be cleared from the edit box after completion.