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WISCO Survey - Convert Zoomerang Survey Data

Downloaded Zoomerang Survey files can be converted to the WISCO Survey SVP and DBF files used by WISCO Survey. WISCO Survey expects the Zoomerang Survey files to use the CSV file extension. CSV is the abbreviation for Comma Separated Values. It is recommended that you place the CSV files in a new folder, so all files created during the conversion will be located together.

WISCO Computing also offers a service to convert your Zoomerang survey data to the WISCO Survey file formats.

The Zoomerang files you have determines which tab you select, and which set of instructions you should follow. If you have two CSV files, you should choose the Legend CSV tab. If you have a single CSV file, you should choose the Single CSV tab. If you have a good WISCO SVP question file, and need to add he data to the DBF response file, then you should select the Wisco tab.

Convert Zoomerang Spreadsheet and Legend CSV Files to WISCO SVP and DBF Files

Zoomerang survey files

Zoomerang Survey uses 2 CSV files for each survey. Spreadsheet.csv contains the survey question text and response data, and Legend.csv that contains the survey question text choices. These example files were supplied by the Zoomerang web site. If you have similar Zoomerang survey files, the Zoomerang Survey questions and data can be automatically converted to the WISCO Survey file formats. If you do not have both files, the WISCO Survey program can do most of the conversion. The partial conversion must be compared to the actual HTML survey, and manual adjustments for question type, columns, and options may be needed in the WISCO Survey Question Information Grid before converting the Zoomerang files to the WISCO SVP and DBF file.

Convert Single Zoomerang CSV file to WISCO SVP and DBF Files

Zoomerang survey file conversion

To start the conversion, click the Single CSV tab, and follow the numbered instructions. The CSV file must be formatted correctly for your import to be successful. Improperly formatted files can not be imported successfully into WISCO Survey. Only one carriage return is allowed per record, and that must be at the end of the record. You may be required to edit the CSV file with a text editor like Notepad to correct any formatting problems.

Click the 'Use Zoomerang CSV Data File' button to locate the CSV file. WISCO Survey will read the CSV data file and display the question number and question text. Since WISCO Survey recognizes this CSV arrangement, it will attempt to determine the question types, number of column labels (if any), and other options in the center of this screen. The tab Converted Column and Text Choices' will display the read-only text it determined will be the text choices and column labels for each survey question. WISCO Survey will save these column labels and text choices when the question file is saved. If WISCO Survey determines a text response or 'Other Text' is used, WISCO Survey reads through the text responses, and enters the length of the longest response in the option column. That number will be the length of the text response field that will be saved with the survey question file.

Some question types (1,2,5,7,26,12,17,9,28, and 30) do not have an applicable option, so the option cell is left blank. You may need to determine the option for the Matrix questions (Question types 8,6, and 21). WISCO Survey allows three options for Matrix questions. Option 0 allows check boxes, so multiple responses can be selected in each row of the grid, Option 1 allows one choice per grid column (radio buttons), and option 2 = allows one choice per grid row (radio buttons). Enter the appropriate option number in the appropriate cell for the matrix questions.

You may need to verify the question type, number of column labels (if any), and other options in the 'WISCO Survey Questions Grid' in the center of this tabbed page. The easiest way to do this is to have copy of your survey available, and go through each question, first determining the question type, and then any related information (number of columns, whether radio buttons or check boxes are used, and maximum length of an open text response). Use the information in the table to the right of the grid located on the 'WISCO Question Types - Help' tab.

After you have filled in any additional question information in the grid columns, click the 'Convert to WISCO SVP Format' button. The converted survey questions are now in memory, and need to be saved. Click the 'Save Converted Survey Question File' located at the bottom of the middle column. Enter a valid filename in the displayed input box, and click OK. The SVP question file will be saved in the same folder as your raw CSV file. If you click the 'Survey Questions' tab, you can view the contents of the question file. The 'Zoomerang CSV File' tab displays the original CSV file with the single header row and multiple data rows.

Now we need to get the data out of the CSV file and assign it to the appropriate questions. Click the 'Convert CSV to WISCO DBF' tab. The left side indicates question information, and the CSV field numbers that will be assigned to each question. Note the column with Question Topics is empty. Question topics should be added later using the Design Menu - Edit Questions - Options/Values Tab - upper left corner. Click the 'Save Converted Survey Data File' button to convert the CSV field data to the WISCO DBF file. A counter will be displayed as each record from the CSV file is converted and saved to the WISCO DBF file. The conversion is complete. Click the 'View Converted Data' tab to view the result of the conversion. To verify the conversion was accurate, you can view an 'All Question Analysis' from the Analysis Menu.

At this time, Question topics can be added using the Design Menu - Edit Questions - Options/Values Tab - upper left corner. You may want to spell check the survey questions and text choices, and make any other tweaks. If there were any problems with the automated conversion, you can recreate the survey question and data files with your modifications using this menu selection again.

Convert a Zoomerang CSV file to WISCO DBF File using an Existing WISCO SVP file

convert Zoomerang survey files

If you already have an existing WISCO Survey question file that you previously saved, go to the second tab labeled 'Wisco SVP'. Click the 'Use Existing WISCO SVP File' button to load the existing question file in memory. then click the 'Open Zoomerang CSV Data File' button. Choose the Zoomerang CSV file has the data for this survey. The 'Save Converted Survey Question File' button is not enabled because the WISCO survey question file already exists. Go to the fourth tab at the top of the screen labeled 'Convert CSV to WISCO DBF' and click the 'Save Converted Survey Data' button located on the right side. A counter is displayed as each record from the CSV file is converted and saved to the WISCO DBF file. After the conversion is finished, you can leave this screen, and view the charts and summary analysis.