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Survey Software from WISCO Computing
WISCO Survey - Create Sample Survey Data

This menu selection allows you to create sample random data. By analyzing the data created, you may find questions that need additional limits or changes before your survey is ready for public responses.

Set the number spinner to create random responses for up to 1000 surveys. Set the global maximum value for any number up to 3000. Then click the 'Create Sample Data' button. Random text responses use the words WISCO, Computing, Survey, Power, and no entry.

Survey Power examines the survey question type, and creates the appropriate random responses for each survey question. If the check box is marked to create skewed rating data, more random responses will be entered for the first two text choices for the rating questions.

Delete the random data file (ending with extensions 'DBF' and 'DBT') before beginning to record the actual survey responses with Windows Explorer or the Advanced Utility Menu selection.