Create, Collect, and Analyze Surveys and Web Forms

Survey Software from WISCO Computing
WISCO Survey - Installation

Computer Requirements

  • Windows XP®, Windows Vista®, or Windows 7®
  • About 9MB of hard drive space is needed for the basic program and help files. Additional drive space will be needed for your survey questions and response data files.
  • Minimum Memory - 512 MB RAM - Additional memory results in better performance
  • Internet Connection - to upload your surveys to your web site, and receive email survey responses
  • Outlook or Outlook Express - to collect survey responses

Web Host Requirements

  • Both Both Unix and Windows servers are supported.
  • Your web host must allow the use of HTML web forms and CGI or ASP scripts on your web site. The scripts converts the survey responses on the HTML web form to an email message.
  • A mailing program located on the web server, and usually provided by the web host.

Installation on a Stand-Alone Computer

To install WISCO Survey Power, you will need the installation file downloaded from the WISCO Survey web site, or the installation CD. If you have the installation CD, insert the CD into your CD drive. The installation should start immediately if your Windows setting Auto Run is set to True. If installation does not start immediately, click on Windows Start button, then Run, then browse to the CD drive. Locate the installation file, and click OK.

Getting Started

Start Survey Power by selecting WISCO Survey Power from the Program Menu, or from an icon the install program created on your desktop. The main window with the WISCO Computing logo will be displayed. Selections from the main menus are explained in later parts of this manual.

If registration is required, enter the registration information that was emailed to you, or located on the installation CD.

Some menu choices may be grayed out. These choices can not be selected until other actions have been taken. For example, survey data can not be viewed until a survey question file has been loaded. If no responses have been entered for a survey question file, the responses can not be analyzed, so some menu choices will remain inactive.

This version of WISCO Survey Power can read survey question and data files created by earlier versions of Survey Power.

Uninstalling WISCO Survey Power

If you need to uninstall WISCO Survey Power for any reason, click on Windows Start button, then Control Panel, then Add or Remove Programs. Click the program name WISCO Survey in the alphabetical listing, then click the Remove button. The WISCO Survey Power program, sample question and data files, and the help file will be removed. Files you created (survey question, data, chart, and exported files) with the software will not be be deleted.