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WISCO Survey - FTP Upload to Internet

An FTP program has been integrated into the WISCO Survey software. The web survey HTML code and perl cgi script needed to send the emails with the survey responses must be uploaded to the web server. This menu selection includes step by step instructions to upload these files to your web site.

Adding a New FTP Site

  1. Click the New FTP Site button.
  2. Enter the New Site Profile Name in the Edit box. Click OK.
  3. The New Site Profile Name will be added to the drop-down listing.
  4. Enter the Host Name or IP Address.
  5. Default FTP Port 21 has been pre-entered.
  6. The project folder containing the survey questions, which should also contain the HTML files is pre-entered.
  7. Fill in the Initial Remote Directory, either the root folder of your web site, or a sub folder containing your survey HTML files.
  8. Enter the User Name your web host needs to access your account.
  9. Enter your password associated with your web account.
  10. When this information is saved, your password is encrypted with the other FTP site information.
  11. If the Save Profile button check box is marked, your profile and any changes are saved when you click the Connect button.
  12. Click the Connect button to connect your Local Computer to the Remote Computer (your web host).
  13. Messages transferred between the two computers will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.
  14. When you are connected, click the File Transfer tab, and you are ready to upload files.

If necessary, locate the folder on your local computer with the files you want to upload (Usually the project folder) Files from the Local computer can be copied (Uploaded) to the Remote computer by selecting the files to upload, and clicking the Upload button. To select multiple files or folders, use the Shift or Ctrl keys. Marking the check box for the Advanced Menu displays all option buttons. Your web host account must have write access privileges to create and remove folders, and delete files.

File Transfer Mode

HTML files can be uploaded in Binary format. CGI, ASP, and Perl Scripts files MUST be uploaded using the ASCII format to the web server to function properly. CGI, ASP, and Perl Scripts files are always placed in a folder designated by your web host. CGI, ASP, and Perl Scripts files are NEVER placed in the same folder as the HTML files. Each survey on your web site requires a different CGI filename.

Changing Folders

To change folders on the remote computer, select the folder, and click the ChgDir button. It may be necessary to scroll the folder names to view your desired folder.

Creating and Removing Folders

Your web host account must have write access privileges to create and remove folders. To create a folder on the remote computer, click the MkDir button. Enter a new valid folder name. To remove a folder, Select the folder, and click the RmDir button. The folder and the entire contents are permanently deleted from the remote computer. The Delete button is used to delete files.

File Transfer Overview

  1. Select the files or folders on the (source) local computer.
  2. Open the folder on the (destination) remote computer where the copied files should be placed.
  3. Select the File Transfer Mode, either Binary or ASCII.
  4. Most sites allow you to overwrite an existing file without giving you a warning.
  5. Transfer the selected files from the Local computer to the Remote computer by clicking the Upload button.
  6. File uploads and downloads do time out. If necessary, Disconnect, and Reconnect, and continue the file transfer.

When you are finished uploading your files, click the Disconnect button. Click Close to leave this screen.