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WISCO Survey - Save Survey Questions

The File Menu has two selections to save the survey questions. Survey questions can also be saved when creating and editing the survey questions on the Design Menu - Edit Questions selection.

Save Survey

This menu selection saves the active Survey Power question file. The survey question and related data files are always located in the same folder. This allows you to repeat a survey, using the same questions at a different time.

Save As (Survey)

This selection allows you to easily make a duplicate copy of the survey questions and choices. This makes it easy to use the same question to compare surveys taken at different times, for example, year to year changes.

No files are deleted when you use "Save As" and use a new filename. Assume you have a question and database file in memory. If you select "Save As" from the file menu, and select a new folder and/or new filename, the survey question file in memory will be saved with the new name or location, and the previous question and data files will be cleared from memory (not deleted from the hard disk). When you return to the opening screen, you can either load the original question file (with data) or the new question file (without data).

You would also create a duplicate copy of the survey questions, survey data, and survey chart settings using the Utility Menu - Copy Survey files menu selection.

You would also create a duplicate copy of the questions when survey results are merged. The data files would be merged in this new folder using the Utility Menu - Merge Data Files menu selection.