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WISCO Survey - Print Surveys

This selection is used to display a blank survey with survey questions and text choices that can be printed. This survey looks similar to a survey that would be created by WISCO Survey that is placed on the web. The web survey would include additional code for the submit button. The web survey may display a list of choices for a single choice type question as a drop down list, which would make no sense for a printed survey. The Design Menu - Preferences selection displays global settings which are used on many menu selections, including this one.


As this will be a survey that can be printed, the background color will be set to white. The survey font sizes and colors can be changed. These HTML settings are used through out the software. Browser developers (Microsoft, FireFox, etc.) determine the relationships between the default font size and H1 to H6 values. Often this relationship includes displaying the H1 to H6 fonts with a bold style. Generally, H4 is the same size as the default font, H1 is the largest, and H6 is the smallest. If the blank value is selected, instead of the H1 to H6 values, the heading and questions will use the same default font as the question choices. The font color can also be selected for the heading and question fonts. The question choices and optional survey instructions will use the web browser default font color (usually black).

Display No Response Option

Rating Scale survey questions (4 Single scale, and 5,17 Multi-scale) question can have 'No Response' as a choice on the printed and web surveys. Sometimes a better label may be Don't Know, N/A, or Do Not Use. If the check box is marked to include 'No Response' as an option, text can be substituted for 'No Response' (or one of the foreign language translations). If the term 'REMOVE' was substituted for No Response on the Options/Values tab, the extra radio button will not be used for this survey question.

Optimize HTML Display for All Questions

If checked Single Choice (Other), Multiple Choice(Other), Single Scale, and Numeric Group question types will be arranged in two or three columns. If unchecked all choices will be placed in a single column.

Remove Scale Numbers from Survey

If checked, scale numbers "(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)" for Multiple Scale and Semantic Differential Scale questions are removed from the column headings.

Use Smaller Memo Text Boxes in Survey

To avoid using large amounts of space for text responses, a smaller text edit box is displayed for this print out if the check box is marked.

Include the 3 Email Data Fields

The survey response file can include six extra fields. For a web survey, these usually contain the respondent's name, email address, and I.P. address. If the check box is marked, small text boxes are displayed after the survey questions to record this information.

Include the 3 User Code Data Fields

Three of the six extra fields can be used for user codes. User codes can be used for additional demographic and frequency analyses. If the check box is marked, small text boxes are displayed after the survey questions to record this information.

Number of Printed Copies

The number entered next to the spinner determines how many (up to 300) copies of the displayed report should be printed.

The Save Options button is clicked to save the settings you made on this tabbed page.

If you change any option, click the Recreate Survey button to refresh the displayed survey.

The table displays the question numbers, question type, topic phrase, and a check box to indicate if the question should start at the top of a new page. Sometimes it is desirable to not have a question text and the text choices split on different pages. Marking the check box indicates the new question text should start at the top of a new page. Your check box marks are saved with the Save Options button. The check box settings are also used with the Utility Menu - Recreate email Survey selection.

Preview Survey

The survey can be previewed and printed, and saved to a PDF file from this tabbed page. By default, the survey is created on one HTML page. Using the column of check boxes will force new pages. If check boxes for new pages have been marked, the total number of pages will change. Saving to a PDF file can be used to view and decide which questions should start on a new printable page. To view all survey questions on all pages, and ignore the page breaks, mark the check box.

Ignore New Page Breaks

If this checkbox is marked, all survey questions will be displayed. If the checkbox is not marked, only the current page of survey questions will be displayed.

Save to PDF

Clicking the Save to PDF button saves the displayed survey to a PDF file. The PDF file is assigned the same filename as the survey question file with a PDF extension.

Clicking the Help button will display this help file information.

Clicking the Close button will leave the menu selection, returning to the opening program screen.