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Management Evaluation Survey

Employee Information

1. Employee Information

First Name 
Last Name 

2. How many years have you been with this company?

  1 year or less   2 years   3 years   4 years 
  5 - 10 years   11 - 20 years   more than 20 years   


3. How did you feel about your supervisor?

 Strongly AgreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly Disagree
My supervisor is competent in their job
My supervisor is knowledgeable
My supervisor assisted me with my job
My supervisor made sure I had enough training
My supervisor is an effective manager
My supervisor is receptive to my ideas
I am able to communicate well with my supervisor
I receive sufficient feedback about my performance from my supervisor
I respect my supervisor


4. How did you feel about the management?

 Strongly AgreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly Disagree
Management plans ahead to complete assignments
Management sets realistic performance expectations
Management makes efficient use of resources
Management provides clear policies and rules
Management consistently applied policies and rules
Management is effective addressing job related issues
Management is effective addressing non-job related activities
Management always treats employees with respect
Management motivates employees to achieve expectations
Management communicates clearly and accurately
Management is available for questions and advice
Management accepts responsibility for their actions
Management is receptive to employee ideas
Management shows a personal interest in employee success

5. Overall, what is your opinion of this company's management?

  Very Good   Good   Neutral   Bad   Very Bad 

6. How does this company's management compare to the management of other similar companies?

  Much Better   Better   Same   Much Worse   Don't Know